Jul 27 2012

Workday this Saturday

(by Cherry Douglas)

This Sat is our scheduled winter workday again. Usual meet at the carpark for our allocated tasks for the day and our Health & Safety chat.
We will be continuing clearing the tributary stream banks – this should be our final one in this area. As we don’t have any dry piles to burn we will stockpile the greenery for next month.
Kemps will be trap checking as this is their only day free, and Kerry will be re-settling in some of the new traps.
Do we have any persons who can come along on Sat that are chainsaw ticketed, apart from Ollie? Please let us know.

We will finish with a light lunch of soup, bread, buns etc but this will back at Douglas’ as there will be no fires to watch over. It is my turn to make the soup and I find it is easier to do it at home as I use a slow cooker not a pot.

Weather report looks good, but if in doubt ring John 3322767, or Cherry 3322474.
If by some chance it is raining, it will be cancelled until the following month scheduled for 25th August.
And finally, may I please impress on those that haven’t already done so, your annual subs are due now. $20
Many thanks as always