Aug 27 2012

Another Successful Workday

Foggy Start of a successful Workday

We had another very successful few hours on a foggy Saturday morning down at our precious Reserve. Progress made on a number of fronts.

    • to Kerry and Stephen for removing the debris from Dancing Sands springs, looks great now, also from the little waterfall, plus for track clearance along to the vehicle bridge;
    • to Lisa and Vince, for cleaning up the viewing platforms, goodness one can almost eat off the main platform today, what a difference, plus the lower platform;
    • to the metal spreaders, Clarice, Cherry and Cheryl [all the C’s], to help alleviate the mud patches on the main track, from the carpark bridge to the Redwood grove entrance. A huge difference,  however, we could put more down yet, same amount again, to really make a lasting difference. I can’t recall if we used all the metal ?
      If it has all been used, then I suggest we ask Stephen to ask nicely to get some more to put down at our September workday, will suggest that at the next Committee meeting;
    • to John and Jim [all the J’s]. Great chainsawing effort on the willows, even had tourists running for their lives ! And Diana and Barry for the towing and tidy up behind them;
    • to Jerry and Lyn and Lorraine, more rubbish burnt after a slow start in the fog and damp;
    • to Ed and Cherry, 2 more Traveller’s trees planted up by the head spring;
    • to Sally F. and Ed for catching 2 more rats and a weasel and to Ed again for volunteering to do more trapping.

Also wonderful to have a visit from our past President Tim Whiston and Mahora, who joined us for lunch and will be back at next workdays.

Fantastic effort, thanks to you all.
John Rainbow

Metal spread to alleviate mud patches on the main track