Jun 23 2013

Workday 22nd June 2013

Stacked Fire Wood . 22.06.13Thankfully the sun was shining and the wind had died down to make a pleasant workday.  One group pulled out a tree DoC had cut down by the head springs and cut it up for firewood.  This was a very hard job and a big thank you to those who did the hard yakka.  The fire pile was lit and quite a lot was burnt thru.  Another group took on the pond just over the main bridge.  They pumped out the water and used buckets to remove the years of slug that built up.  The pond although neglected was still home to many goldfish which we were very surprised to see had survived.  Most of the fish were remove and once the pond was refilled with fresh water were returned to the pond.  Another successful workday for HSIS.

Fish Pond 2013-06-22 09.18.12        Fish Pond  2013-06-23 10.49.46

The next workday is Saturday, 27th July so see you all there.