Jul 28 2013

Workday, 27th July 2013

27.07.13 July Workday (12) (small web)Hello all, I was unable to make it to Saturdays workday so asked Barry if I could use the email he sent me with an update of the days works and photos.  I also asked Cherry for a quick update, both as below.  Looks like they all had an awesome day .

An other excellent turnout by the group, with a few new volunteers.  Everyone was amazed at how much progress we made on such a difficult blackberry removal job.  The huge piles at the No2 burn site, bore testament to the amount of material carted by the two utes and Phillips tractors.  The tracker bucket filled in the few large holes which have bugged the mowing area for a long time.  One of the best workdays we have had…..cheers Bazza Menzies

27.07.13 July Workday (4) (small web) 27.07.13 July Workday (7) (small web)

An Amazing amount of work was carried out by a small but dedicated group on Saturday and the weather was superb.  This area cleared (as per the photos) will be part of where some of the 1000 trees will be planted in September.  More yet to be cleared, but we could not have achieved this amount of work were it not for Phillip Berry who has joined us again with his tractor and the two utes which ferried the rubbish to burning site #B, and we must not forgot to mention Barry The Mower Man and his trustee mover. 

27.07.13 July Workday (13) (small wed) 27.07.13 July Workday (33) (small web)

Jim, as usual, was handy with his chainsaw and culled out some growth that was overshadowing part of the walking track and the Travellers trees area.  Burning pile #A by the weir has now been completed by Jerry and Graham and we will now move on to #B as shown in the Photo  Thanks to all those that helped, especially the visitors who thought they were here for a relaxing weekend at Kerry and Clarice’s…  Cheers Cherry

27.07.13 July Workday (11) (samll web)


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