Aug 28 2013

Coming Workday 31st Aug.

Blackberry Weed

Blackberry Weed

(by Cherry Douglas)

Hi  everyone,
Yes…   it is that time again: This Saturday scheduled workday!

Usual 9.30am meet in the carpark.
We will continue to clear blackberry etc in preparation for next months planned planting, take to the burning pile where we stockpiled last month and get it alight.
So bring rakes, gloves, weedeaters, pitchforks, anything thing that you think will tackle this task. If the tractor is available again, this will be a really great help. It was invaluable last time.
We will be working around the same area as last time, towards the Travellers Trees area.
Please bring your own lunch and we will picnic at the Douglas Grove where the fire will be for security reasons. If for some reason the weather is against us this will be POSTPONED to the following Saturday.
We have to keep this clearing going.

Any queries, please contact Kerry in the first instance 3322975, or Lorraine 3493443
I will also be in close contact with both of them if anyone can’t get hold of either of them (3322474)

Last but not least:
Subscriptions have been slow coming in this year. If you still want to be a financial member, please send us your subs. They are vital to the continued success of the Society. You can contact me for any further information. If you wish to be removed from the database, please also let me know.

We thank you all for your continued support, whether it be financial or physical.