Sep 13 2013

Big Day Ahead..

September 28th will be a big day for us, so the more hands willing to help, the better.planting
We have just over 1000 trees courtesy of Dept of Conservation that we need to get in the ground!

Last year we planted 660 trees in just over 2 hours.
This amazed even us, so if we can achieve the same again it will be wonderful.

If you can help, even for a short period of time, 9.30am meet in the carpark will start off this day and then we will continue up through the Ynys Fraser walkway, filling in gaps. Then up to the Travellers Trees area near the Head Spring..

We can be contacted through our contact form, or by phone:
Kerry Oates 3322975 or Lorraine Parker 3493443 for further information.

Cherry Douglas