Oct 31 2013

This Saturday’s Workday starts at 9.30 am

NOTE from webmaster:
There’s been a rescheduling: Workday starts at 09.30 as usual

by Lorraine Parker:

Sorry for the late notice – this Saturday scheduled workday, 9 am meet in the car-park. (this has been brought forward by half an hour)

Our workday plan is:

1. Prune trees at start of YFW:
John Rainbow can advise on how best to prune on the day so we don’t get a bunch of butchered trees. LEAVE the pruning’s on site under the trees. Don’t take them to a burn pile!!!

2. Unblock the culvert just below head spring:
Paul Sampson to lead this one. 4-5 bods that are prepared to get wet and muddy, pull the debris/rubbish out of the drain and get the culvert flowing better. LEAVE the debris on site under the redwoods or where ever suitable close by. Don’t take it to a burn pile!!!

3. Spray blackberry among new plantings
Some careful spot-spraying among our new plantings is advisable. Diana will lead this and one person please.

4. Fire Pile by Douglas Table:
Stephen to lead this plus one or two other helpers. Stay till it’s gone

5. Garden area just over the main bridge:
This just needs a general tidy up and will only need two people.

So bring loppers, pruners, hand saws, rakes, gloves, pitchforks, anything thing that you think will tackle these tasks. Please bring your own lunch and we will picnic at the Douglas Grove where the fire will be for security reasons. If for some reason the weather is against us this will be POSTPONED to the following Saturday.

Any queries, please contact Lorraine in the first instance 349-3443 or 027 601-3306 or John 3322767.