Nov 08 2013

Workday – Sat. Nov 2nd

(by Lorraine Parker)
What a wonderful spring day we had for our workday on Saturday.


Stephen and Jamie were up bright and early and started the last of out fires at 8am

2013-Nov.2_01aFrom now on we will be chipping all our cuttings, branches etc. into mulch.  I managed to cook some potatoes, bananas and even heat up a pie in the fire for our lunch.  I wrapped them in tin foil and placed them under the hot embers for about 20mins. And they were delicious if I say so myself, even remembered to bring the sour cream and they were enjoyed by all.

John and Ed worked on the Ynys Fraser walkway pruning which has opened up the underneath and made it look so much brighter and safer:


Another group worked by the head spring in the old dark swampy pond that was filled with branches and rubbish.  They unblocked the culvert under the path, so the water now flows much easier.
And to see the new Dancing Sands in the pond is wonderful.
Still a little more work to be done there but a huge effort by Paul, Barry, Stephen and a couple of young volunteers. 2013-Nov.2_02 2013-Nov.2_03 2013-Nov.2_05 2013-Nov.2_06Diane tackled the blackberry by spot spraying around the young trees we planted last month and just plodded along on her own quite carefully.  And lastly a group of wonderful ladies and the Vincent’s cleared and tidied up the garden and pathway just over the main bridge.

A thank you also to the Corbett Whanau for showing an interest and coming out to give us a hand.  They saw our article in the Ngongotaha News Paper and gave us ring.
So another very successful day and so much achieved by a small group.  Our last workday of the year is on there 30th November which will also be our end of year lunch.

Nga Mihi*
Lorraine Parker

*Kind regards