May 03 2011

Special Day

(by Herma)

Last Saturday was a special day for me, as “my tree” ( a present from HSIS) was planted near the head spring. It was at the end of the HSIS work morning, in bright sunshine after days of rain, which made it even more pleasant.

Here’s my Kowhai on the way!

And this is the place she will hopefully grow for years and years
38.01.56 S – 176.13.10 E to be exact 😉

On this photo you can hardly see her leaves against the background,
but the small image shows the delicacy of leaves and flowers of a Kowhai:

A fantastic barbeque in pleasant company afterwards made this into a day not to forget!


  1. hamuranasprings.co.nz

    Hi Jackie,
    Thank you for your interest in the Hamurana Springs Recreation Reserve.
    We understand and empathise with your view that the weed in the stream detracts from the view of the stream bed and the crystal clear water flowing into the lake.
    Historically, the weed comes and goes in cycles apparently.
    The HSIS Committtee looked into the cost of getting the weed removed, it is a very specialised and expensive practice, which includes ensuring that the cleared weed is trapped and removed before flowing into the Lake.
    The cost was totally beyond the means of the Society, huge. So we rely on historical patterns repeating themselves, that the weed will go [and then come back]………..
    Thank you for your interest.

  2. jackie

    Had a lovely walk on Sunday got lost looking for other spring head ( sign said 500 meters) just found marker posts. Do you have plans to remove the weed as it detracted from the beauty of the springs? We could see the work that had been put in to the area, great job.

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