May 26 2011

This Saturday Workday

(from Cherry Douglas, Treasurer)

Provided the weather is acceptable we will be having another “fun” day at the springs again this Saturday.
Meet in the carpark at 9.30 am, bring rakes, loppers, gloves, etc and we will continue along the main walking track opening up the vista.
Please feel free to join us for a light lunch afterwards.

If in doubt about the weather please give me a ring 07 3322474 on Saturday morning by 9.00 am by which time we should have an idea if we continue for this day.
If the weather is too bad we will cancel and proceed to the next agreed work day which will now be the 25th of June, as by a unanimous decision of the committee we have decided to carry on through the winter.

While I have been sending these communications out to everyone that has ever been involved with the societey over the years, we really need to know if you want to stay on the mailing list. If you do, may we respectfully request that you pay your subscriptions to the society (see also here ).
These funds are absolutely vital for purchasing plants, contributions towards fuel and the research for publication of history of the springs. At present working members are using their own tools and paying for their own fuel as we do not get any help for DoC in this area.

As our new year is due to start in June when we have our AGM, subs will start anew then.
The AGM date will be confirmed shortly but is tentatively down for 22nd June, subject to confirmation of venue.

Kind regards as always,
Cherry Douglas