Jun 26 2014

Workday 28th June

(by Cherry Douglas)

Good morning everyone. Yes it’s that time again. This Sat 28th 9.00am start.
Meet in carpark for H & S talk registration.

Order of the day will be similar to last time, but this time we will also be moving the stockpile of branches etc at the head spring and making it more accessible for the chipper. Kerry has managed to hire a chipper locally and while we may not have it this Sat we need to be ready.

So wheelbarrows, rakes, loppers etc ,pruning Ynys Fraser walkway, some spraying, release weeding, track creation at Sampson Folly, depending on numbers of course. Last month we had a small band of workers, but we always achieve a huge amount regardless of numbers.

Lunch as has been the norm will be on site, depending on weather of course.

Call Kerry 3322975. Lorraine 3493443 or Cherry 3322474 if in doubt of the weather.