Sep 24 2014

New Workday this Saturday

Hello everyone – yes its that time again – this Saturday is our next workday.
We will mainly be concentrating on moving branches, wood etc to suitable sites for the chipper to come in again. This is fairly labour intensive so have a hearty breakfast before hand.

Gloves, fluid, hat, wheelbarrows, would be the order of the day. We will have quad/trailer – mower/trailer combination to help achieve this.

Start 9.00 am in the carpark, H & S pep talk, then up to the main spring area to start off. Weather permitting lunch will be in the general area that we will be working in, we will confirm during the morning. Bring your own picnic lunch,enjoy and have a catch up from the previous work day.

If in doubt about the weather on the day, ring Cherry 3322474, Lorraine 3493443
Many hands make light work – make this a fun day rather than an onerous one
Cherry Douglas