Nov 10 2014

Not just Gardeners

(by Cherry Douglas)

We have had a very successful working year yet again and all credit to those that always turn up, rain or shine.camaraderie

In place of burning our branch clearings we have so far chipped a huge pile and this has all been spread around the travellers trees area,and on the banks adjacent to this area.
In August another 700 plants were put in the ground by a small but dedicated group, and special thanks go to those that came in early in the morning to get this underway.

Focus at the moment is to clear up a lot of debris caused by high winds and either move this to a chipping pile, or leave to mulch.

The Society has also been very much involved in the Koaro restoration project at the weir in conjunction with Dept of Conservation , BOP Regional Council and Ngati Rangiwewehi – so we are not just “gardeners”. Come along and join in with us, it is a great way to meet new people, have some fun, work for 3 hours and then have a shared lunch and a bit of cameraderie.
Usually we have lunch on site, but as 29th November is our last working day for the year we will have a special lunch at a members house.

So Sat 29th November 9.00 am meet, at the carpark, bring some gardening tools, gloves, etc.

If in doubt of the weather or you have any questions please contact Kerry Oates 3322 975, Lorraine Parker 3493 443, Cherry Douglas 3322474