Mar 27 2015

Workday this Saturday 28th March

This Sat is our scheduled workday – subject of course to fine weather. If the weather is against us we will CANCEL the day.
We intend to - in the following order:
(a) Clear along the driveway in front of Ynys Frasers house up to the small gate at the end of her property towards the implement shed
(b) Pull out the fence above the weir – one or two to help Stephen would be great
(c) Release plantings if time/people permit.

Bring your gardening gear, bring your lunch which we will come back to Kaska Rd for to partake/mix & mingle – see you at 9am in the carpark for H & S talk and registration.

If in doubt of the weather please ring me by 8.30am by which time a decision will have been made.|

Cherry Douglas