Aug 04 2015

HSIS Update

At a special meeting held in June and later confirmed at our AGM in July, the Society has elected to re-trench and cut back our working days to four a year, namely October, November, February and March.
We have tried to get new/younger members on board, but it hasn’t happened so with an ageing work group this was the solution we reluctantly came to. We are still actively involved in the trapping programme, with help from the IWI Trust who administer the Springs.
We can be contacted through Jerry Douglas (new elected President) 0274 824850, or through the Contact button on this website. Click here for the full list of committee members.

We have had great success with selling of our book – Hamurana Springs – The Ancient Waters - with over 130 books sold to date. These are available locally through both PaperPlus stores, McLeods Booksellers and direct from Cherry Douglas.
Many have been sold to Libraries out of town, some as far away as Dunedin and Christchurch. As we have only done a run of 200 books, this may well be a limited edition, so if you are interested give us a call.