Jul 21 2011

Workday this Saturday July 23rd

we have a scheduled work day this Saturday at usual time of 9.30am start, we will be continuing along the stream side as we have been doing recently. Wheelbarrows, rakes, loppers, etc will be the tools of the day, waders or wetsuits may be applicable. The work done below the main spring last time was amazing.
However the weather is not looking too hot,(pardon the pun) so if in doubt Sat morning please give either John Rainbow 3322767 or myself Cherry 3322474 a call before 9.am by which time we will have made a decision as to whether we go ahead or not.
If we do, lunch will be homemade soup and buns again, BYO drinks please.

Please feel free to contact either of us for any questions.
Kind regards as always
Cherry Douglas

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  1. John Rainbow

    Workday July 23 : the weather was forecast to be dodgy, but apart from the odd shower, fair conditions allowed a small but dedicated group to get on with track maintenance and weed clearance. More wood chips were spread on the muddy patches on the main track so these patches are getting better and better for foot traffic. Clarice’s 4 wheeler was briefly highjacked at one point, but in a burst of speed that would make Usiah Bolt shake in his shoes, she brought things back under control in a flash !! A large tree that had blown over just above the first footbridge was dealt to, with nearby natives protected from damage. The removal of a few overhanging branches and a smaller dead tree, has opened up a beautiful tunnel view upstream from this first footbridge. Mel was able to make brief friends with a local koura, freshwater crayfish, which seemed to enjoy the ‘love’ from a local blonde !
    Afterwards, some magnificent soup with fresh bread, prepared by Cherry, was enjoyed by all back at Kaska Rd. Along with some well deserved refreshments.
    Next workday scheduled for SAT. AUG. 27TH.

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