Sep 18 2011

Living Legends 2

Another report, this time from Lorraine:

Well Jim Hickey was spot on and it was a very wet day and our accommodations left us a little damp and weather beaten. Although the day was not all what we hoped for, weather wise, we all made the best of a bad situation.
There was a good turnout of volunteers for the planting with a good 100 or so turning up and braving the weather. We got to meet the new “Milky Bar Kid” Hinetaapora Short, Todd McClay stopped for a quick photo shoot and Hiki Reid was great, we even sang happy birthday to Stephen, much to his embarrassment.
So here are a few photos of our day

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  1. Heather Johnson

    Great to read that we will have a gazebo erected each working day so the passing public can be informed of our society & hopefully become involved.

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