Oct 27 2011

Workday this Saturday 29 October

This Saturday (weather permitting) is another scheduled workday. It will be postponed one week if the weather fails us. Ring either John 3322767 or Cherry 3322474 by 9am to confirm.
Meet in the carpark at the usual 9.30am, the order of the day will be:

1. Working with Jerry weed spraying – bring your spray pack if you have one. Lots of blackberry coming through.

2. Loping a few overhanging branches – extendable chainsaw on hand. John to direct

3. River clearing continuing with several people on the banks moving the debris away from the stream. We may be short of a couple of people here for the wet work so will assess on the morning.

4. Balance of people probably continuing clearing the stream tributary along the Ynys Fraser walkway. Mowers, weed eaters, loppers may be the answer here.

5. 11.45am planting of 3 Travellers Trees. I will meet the donors of 2 of the trees at the carpark and bring them up to the area so they can get a photo shoot if they are available on the morning

We will be cementing in the signpost at the main viewing platform that we found thrown under the platform last Saturday.
Lunch to follow as usual. BYO drink

Many thanks for your continued support as always.
Next and final workday for the year will be 3rd Dec,