Dec 05 2011

Seats and Tables !

Visitors to the Reserve will now notice the installation of several seats and 2 picnic tables + seats, scattered at strategic viewing points on or near the Main Track through the Redwoods and on the Ynys Fraser Walkway.

They have been beautifully built from the sawn Redwood timber allocated to the Society after trees were felled near the entrance to the Reserve before the new car park was built.
Two of our members, Paul Sampson and Jerry Douglas, have put in many hours of their own time to build the new ‘furniture’. As a consequence of their efforts, visitors will now be able to sit down or picnic in comfort in the beautiful surroundings.
The bench seats and tables just look stunning in that amazing environment and many visitors have already put them to use and made very positive comments.
They will be much photographed as they look great when dry and even better when wet with the layer of water resembling a very glossy varnish.