Feb 23 2012

First Workday 2012

Saturday February 25th is our first working day for the new year. Weather providing, we will be spraying rogue robinias and blackberry, under the guidance of our resident ticketed member, clearing the main track, maybe some clearing down by the dancing stands and along the Ynys Fraser walkway.
The tables and seats may need a bit of a clean, perhaps our young ones might be able to do this with a bucket and scrubbing brush.

Usual arrangement so meet in the carpark at 9.30 for H & S talk, registration and allocation of tasks. Lunch of course will follow, BYO and some contribution towards salads etc would be appreciated.

We also have two Travellers trees to plant (compliments of Nicara and Springwaters) so if we leave this to the last task for the day say 11.45am in the dedicated area, this should suit everyone we hope.

There have been contractors working on removing some of the willows – so we have finally had some help and they will continue to do so for a little while we believe. And for those who like fires, not this work day but the next we should have everything in place (permit/standbypump etc) to enable us to finally get rid of some of the rubbish.

If you are uncertain about the weather, JR2 and I will have liased in the morning and we should have made a decision by 9 - 9.15am, you can ring Cherry on 3322474.

Do not send email to me unless you use my home mailas I won’t be able to pick up unless it is work hours.
Hopefully it is fine, and we can start afresh, and see you there.

Kind regards as always