Jan 18 2011

HSIS Website Launched

Today the Hamurana Springs Incorporated Society launches it’s first website, including this blog !
We’re still working on it, so come back soon.

Fern Frond, also called "Koru", symbolic for New Life, New Beginnings


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  1. keith and Linda Askin

    very pleased to meet up with Jerry this morning and we were very impressed about what you guys are doing down there as it is a very beautiful place.We remember it years ago when people could kayak there and buy ice creams and teas from the lovely old shop and feed the ducks and trout.
    We are more than happy to come and help you guys once a month to do our bit and our membership application will be coming within the next week.Well done, Jerry.Your arm bending worked! Looking forward to meeting you all and helping with your good work.It is a place well worth restoring back to its former glory.
    Keith & Linda. Tauranga

  2. Bazza.

    Many thanks to our Webmaster Herma for the production of this website. Since its inception HSIS. has progressed with its clearing and planting, with the ultimate aim of returning the Springs, to its former glory of years gone past. Each year we see a little more of its beauty exposed for the use of the public at large. Long may it continue !!


    Well done to all concerned in keeping a privilage to us all alive and in great condition.

    It is always good to see improvements to the area, though the felling of the Redwoods near the entrance to the car park was particularly distressing to see, and I hope that a replanting of the beautiful Redwoods can be achieved in the future, along with other native species.

    I hope to enjoy the Golf links again on my next visit to Hamurana.

    Nigel Barnfield

  4. Jerry Douglas

    Being a member and active worker with the HSIS since its inception it is great to see this website finally underway. As time goes by, we will hopefully have comment from people on their experience of visiting these springs in past years and more importantly recent years.

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