Apr 19 2012

Workday this Saturday

(by Cherry Douglas)

This Saturday 21st is our next scheduled work day – 9.30am meet in carpark for normal registration and Health & Safety talk.

Tasks – continuance from last month clearing the tributary up from first foot bridge, weed spraying, weed eating and mowing Ynys Fraser Walkway – so bring your usual favourite weed busting tool, hat, gloves, etc.
Unfortunately there probably will be no fires this time until we sort out an issue with DoC unless it can be resolved before Saturday. We have no trees to plant at this time.

Lunch as usual afterwards. BYO drink and a salad and/or sweeties towards lunch is always appreciated. We thank you all for your continued support.

See you there, weather is looking good – but if in doubt as always ring John 3322767 or Cherry 3322474 by 9am