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In March of 2003 a public meeting was called to discuss the Hamurana Springs Concession due to concerns over the current Management and Concession holder at that time. Forty three residents and three representatives from The Department of Conservation (DOC) attended.
It was an ideal time to hold this meeting as the current concession held by Hamurana Gardens Ltd. had expired in 2000 and whilst Hamurana Gardens Ltd. reapplied, they were five days late, causing their concession to lapse. Accordingly DOC were looking for new applicants for the concession.

As a result of the public meeting a steering committee was formed to investigate the Concession application required and report back to a second public meeting to be held on the 28th May 2003.
It was at this meeting that the proposal to form The Hamurana Springs Incorporated Society was instigated with an overwhelming positive response of the attendees and fifteen volunteers were called upon to act as signatories for the formation of the Society.

A formal Concession application was presented to DOC in October 2003. However DOC shifted the ‘goalposts’ and advised that this application was now inappropriate as they were going to call for expressions of public interest for the said concession, the result was the withdrawal of the application by the newly formed Society.
However the Society had given DOC enough grounds to formally take over the interim control and running of the Hamurana Recreation Reserve.

HSIS started the long process of getting the Recreation Reserve back into an attraction of natural beauty and one that was free of charge for all visitors to enjoy. During which time a formal Memorandum of Understanding was signed between HSIS and Ngati Rangiwewehi (the local Iwi who also have a Treaty claim lodged over the reserve).

Eight years later HSIS is still heavily involved with this activity both in weed clearance and planting but also in the creation of a new track ‘The Ynys Fraser Walkway’ in honour of our first Patron. Additionally a tree trust was created in conjunction with local B&B’s whereby guests could purchase and donate a specimen tree, this area is directly behind the main Redwood grove.

DOC have added their support by way of the new car park , viewing platform at the Hangarua Spring and numerous bridges such as the one over the ‘dancing sands’:

Bridge over the “Dancing Sands”