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President’s Report 2014-2015

Presidents Report 2014 – 2015

Over the past 12 months the Society has held 10 official work days and assisted in

other activities including trout removal works from the koaro protection area. While a

small group of dedicated volunteers attend every work day, it has been heartening to

see some new faces as well.

We have been greatly assisted in maintenance tasks by the ground staff of Te

Tahuhu O Tawakeheimoa Trust, who regularly tend to the principal walkways,

adjacent gardens and the golf course, leaving us to focus on our pet project - “the

Ynys Fraser Walkway”. With a donation from DOC we were able to plant a further

700 trees in area P last winter. We successfully published our book on the history of

the Springs and have sold over 100 copies. We fare welled Paul and Yvon Sampson

from the District in November, but not from the Society, and were able to recognise

Paul’s huge contribution to the Society by awarding Life Membership. We have

removed a further 100 predators from the reserve, and have witnessed a 24%

increase in fantail numbers throughout the Reserve as a result of our trapping

efforts. In February, we united with Ngati Rangiwewehi to co-host an educational

meet and greet day to try and stimulate growth of the Society. While this raised

public awareness and netted many favourable comments, it didn’t result in more


All of this would not have been possible without significant in-put from members and

supporters alike, and I take this opportunity to acknowledge some special

contributors to the Societies outcomes;

• Our patron Ynys Fraser who continues to inspire in so many ways

• Our committee, especially the officers, vice President Lorraine Parker, Secretary

Sally French, and Treasurer Cherry Douglas.

• Paul Sampson has made a huge contribution to the successful production of our

book on the history of the Springs.

• DOC personnel at Lakes Area Office continue to support the society in many

ways, particularly Paul Cashmore and Kristina Thompson and the koaro project


• Te Rangikaheke and Toro Bidois of Ngati Rangiwewehi who have met with us

regularly, and been instrumental in helping us to understand the need for change

to the governance of the Reserve.

• Barry and Lynn Menzies for all their extraordinary efforts above and beyond the

call of regular work days.

• Stephen Parker for his in-put to the koaro restoration project.

• Our webmaster Herma Snell who, even though residing abroad, continues to

maintain and improve our popular website makes it a very attractive fascia for the Society.

• To all the trappers who have helped reduce the nasty critters so crippling to our

indigenous wildlife at the Reserve.

• Finally, to all our members who turn up to make a positive difference to the

appearance and well-being of the Hamurana Springs environs.

I apologise to any one overlooked, and sincerely thank you too.

In last years report I called for a need to focus on getting back to basics, sticking to

our core areas of operation, and keeping our lives simple. It seems, somewhat

inadvertently, that we have done just that. Our dwindling membership forced the

Society to re-assess it’s position, and at a spirited Special Meeting in June this year

we elected to “down size” our operations to suit our current means. This once again

showed the true spirit and passion of the members, to come up with a workable

solution in the face of doom.

We do make a difference, we are recognised and supported by our iwi, and we will

continue to add and enhance to the positive well being of this special environ.

In closing, having served as President for two years, I step down from that role and

will not be seeking re-election to the committee this year. I am very grateful of all the

support received from committee, members, DOC and Te Tahuhu O Tawakeheimoa

Trust, and I know that support will continue to serve the incoming President.

Kerry Oates

14 July