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Old Postcards

Jerry Douglas is collecting old Postcards that he wants to share with our visitors. The top 3 ones are the newest that we got. We’ve also scanned  part of the back are you can see.

Photographer of the card below was J.Lang, Rotorua.
This photo from above and behind the lodge was assumably taken
in the early 1950’s and was printed by Rotorua Printers.
As mentioned on the back there are hire boats on the water
and beside the bank which was a feature back in that era,
also the footbridge wasn’t built until about 1955-58:

The two cards below have been kindly lent by Blair Millar
(General Manager of Whakarewarewa Village Tours)
so that we could get them put onto our website.
They are both around the 1905-1910 era and,
like a lot of the other postcards of that time,
show tourists being punted up to the head spring.
It is very interesting to note the flora around the headspring and stream,
which has changed dramatically over the years to the present day :