Nov 14 2013

Notice regarding Traveller’s Trees

Planting is seasonal and is now not available until further notice


Oct 27 2013

Tourgroup plants native Ake Ake

This Labour weekend proved to be a perfect Saturday afternoon for a group of 16 American tourists led by our favourite tour leader Josh.  They were shown through our slice of paradise by Jerry and Cherry Douglas, Stephen Parker, Sally French, Diana Hay and Herma Snel, who was also taking photos.
A purple AkeAke (Dodonaea Viscosa ‘Purpurea’) was planted  in the Travellers Tree area as a memory of the visit so that the group can view (growing in the future) through “Google Earth” once we have the GPS co- ordinates showing on our website.
This was followed by afternoon drinks and nibbles at the Travellers Trees area.

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Great group, great company, awesome tour leader:

Oct 20 2013

Visit to Spring ‘Highlight of the Day”

Yesterday  (Saturday Oct.19th) once again HSIS members met and guided another American tour group, whose tour guide Jennifer hailed from Nelson.
Jerry and Cherry Douglas and Lorraine and Stephen Parker were the HSIS members on the day.

Like the previous group last Wednesday a tree was planted in the Traveller’s Tree aerea and a number of the tour members signed up as members of HSIS and also donated to our cause.
Asked the question by their guide “Is this visit worth while?” the answer was unanimously:
IT IS THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY and something to cherish.
Very pleasing to get these comments!!


Oct 18 2013

Tour Group visiting the Springs


Jerry and Cherry Douglas along with Lorraine Parker, met another group of American tourists who visited the springs on Wednesday 16th and planted a Rimu in the travellers tree area.

The tour leader Mavis has been bringing her groups to visit the springs for some time but was not aware until she and other tour leaders visited with Josh ( the regular tour leader),that HSIS could meet up with the groups for some “local” history and hospitality etc.
Some of these tourists have signed up and paid memberships to HSIS so we are truly becoming international !

There will be another group visit this Saturday 19th and Josh will be here again the following Saturday 26 with yet another group.
The feedback we get from these tourists makes it all worth while and is very gratifying to those who volunteer their time and effort in maintaining the reserve.

Memories of this visit:




Oct 01 2013

Photos of Big Planting Day Sept.28th

Last Saterday a group of about 28 people attended our big planting day.
1050 trees planted in well under two hours – what an achievement… astounded even us!!
Many thanks to members who arrived early to place trees, then started digging.
We finished just as the rain came through. People and dogs all had a good morning.
(Cherry Douglas)

I’ve taken photos on Saturday and a view today, to show results.
(Herma Snel)

Start by clicking the top left thumbnail..

Sep 27 2013

Removing Weed from the Stream

(by Kerry Oates)
Yesterday we had a “practice” at removing weed from the stream.
Due to circumstances we only had two hours to spend on this and most of that time was learning how best to tackle the method. It was vital practice and we learnt a lot, so don’t expect to see huge changes in the stream just yet.

After three pulls of the winch we were able to yield a decent sized mass of weed, and we know how best to attack this next time. Looking ahead, with a bit of refinement, we should be able to tackle the weed ourselves without Russell’s presence.

On behalf of the committee, a huge thank you to Russell West and staff at Rotorua Farm and Industrial Pumps for their time, machinery and effort yesterday, and thanks also to Ngati Rangiwewehi for their support.

The photos speak for themselves:

Hoisting the winch into place

Hoisting the winch into place

Cutting net to size

Cutting net to size


A steel rope was fed through the bottom of the net
and a nylon rope through the top

Kerry starts to walk the rope out into the stream

Kerry starts to walk the rope out into the stream

Forming a wide arc with the steel rope on the stream bed

Forming a wide arc with the steel rope on the stream bed

Keeping the arc wide and the bottom rope down

Keeping the arc wide and the bottom rope down

Hauling the weed ashore

Hauling the weed ashore

Keeping the bottom rope down the net was able to haul a decent mass of weed

Keeping the bottom rope down the net was able to haul a decent mass of weed

Sep 26 2013

This Saturday… want to help?

As mentioned in the former post:digging
This Saturday Sept. 28th is our planned BIG planting day. We need all hands on deck to get over 1000 trees courtesy of Dept of Conservation in the ground!

Come for an hour if that is all you can spare, tell your friends and family – we need as many hands as possible

9.30am kickoff, meet in the carpark as always. Spade, gloves, small knife to cut open bags will be the order of the day. We will have people placing the trees in position early in the morning so this will make things easier.

We will be planting regardless of the weather, but if in doubt ring Cherry 3322474 by 9am, or Lorraine 3493443 as Kerry will have already been on site early.

Weather again permitting we will lunch on site so bring it with you, if it is too damp we may relocate to our usual house venue.

We had a great turnout last year, this time we will have nearly double the trees so hopefully we will have an equally good turnout.

Sep 13 2013

Big Day Ahead..

September 28th will be a big day for us, so the more hands willing to help, the better.planting
We have just over 1000 trees courtesy of Dept of Conservation that we need to get in the ground!

Last year we planted 660 trees in just over 2 hours.
This amazed even us, so if we can achieve the same again it will be wonderful.

If you can help, even for a short period of time, 9.30am meet in the carpark will start off this day and then we will continue up through the Ynys Fraser walkway, filling in gaps. Then up to the Travellers Trees area near the Head Spring..

We can be contacted through our contact form, or by phone:
Kerry Oates 3322975 or Lorraine Parker 3493443 for further information.

Cherry Douglas

Aug 19 2013

Living Legends Tree Planting Great Success

Yesterday HSIS participated in the nationwide tree planting programme “Living Legends”, initiated by the government to pay tribute to the rugby world cup hosted in NZ in 2011.

Hika Reid (left)

Hika Reid (left)

Hika Reid (All Black 1980-1986) is one of 17 Kiwi rugby legends to have a conservation project dedicated to him. He represents the Bay of Plenty in one of 17 tree planting projects being run as part of community conservation project Living Legends launched during the 2011 rugby world cup. Bay of Plenty is the only region to have two planting projects – one at the Kaituna Wetland near Tauranga and the other at our very own beloved Hamurana Springs. Each project is managed with New Zealand provincial rugby unions and is dedicated to each regional “legend” selected by the unions. The rugby legends have been chosen for their significant contribution to New Zealand rugby, as a player or administrator for their region.
The second planting day at Hamurana held on 18 August attracted around 100 volunteer planters and was supported by local and national government representatives, Kevin Winters (Rotorua Mayor) and Todd McClay, our local member of parliament.
It was great to see so many planters present on a fine and sunny Sunday morning, and great to have such a community boost to our membership and efforts as the principal organisation involved in maintenance and enhancement of this special conservation reserve. HSIS members helped plant 3000 trees which have in-filled previous plantings and added ground cover to waste farmland along the northern boundary of the reserve. We got the opportunity to meet Hika Reid, Kevin Winters and Todd McClay who all helped and encouraged the community to plant so many trees in just a few short hours, and we handed out goodies to the crowd and distributed brochures to as many participants as possible.
The Department of Conservation led the day and along with Living Legends organising committee, provided a yummy sausage sizzle and light refreshments for all participants after the planting. At the luncheon, Living Legends Operations Manager Gordon Hosking, paid tribute to HSIS for their achievements and previous planting efforts at the reserve. We are very grateful to DOC, Living Legends and all helpers who have given us such a boost to our beautification projects at Hamurana.
Kerry Oates
President HSIS

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Aug 17 2013

Tomorrow Big Planting Day


Jul 30 2013

Living Legends in Hamurana Springs

HSIS will again be participating in the final Living Legends Tree Planting Day on 18th August at the springs, so feel free to call in and speak to our members at our tent.

Click the below image for Living Legends info on this event:
Our next scheduled work day will be 31st August when we will continue on with the clearing of the proposed planting areas.
Come along and see what we do and help even if it is only for an hour or so.
We only work 9.30 – 12.00 once a month and find out how rewarding it is.

Jul 24 2013

President’s Report 2012-2013

Just published… Click here

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