Jun 23 2013

2013 AGM

Kia Ora

Our AGM was held on Tuesday, 18th June and was well attended despite the heavy rain. This years AGM marked our 10th years and it’s so good to see that the passion for Hamurana Springs is still as strong as it was back in 2003 and the Society still has a healthy membership.

To give a very brief overview of the meeting:
Paul Cashmore from DoC presented a report on DoC’s plans and future moving forward for Hamurana Springs, Katrina Thompson from DoC presented a report on the Koaro (native trout) initiative, Kahurariki Handcock from Ngati Rangiwewehi presented a brief overview on the settlement claim and vision for the Springs and was supported by Gina Mohi and Rangikaheke Bidois, and finally Kerry Oats updated us on the Pest Control Program and Bird life update.

John Rainbow stood down as President after serving 2 years and we wish him well. John has been dedicated and passionate as President and has worked tirelessly behind the scenes, and in his wards “it has been a good, at times wild ride”. John will remain as a committee member.

Kerry Oats is now our newly elected President and Lorraine Parker (me) the new Vice President. Sally French remains as Secretary and Cherry Douglas remains as Treasurer. All existing committee members have been re-elected and Herma Snel is our newest committee member.

Our next five workdays are: 27th July, 31st Aug, 28th Sept, 2nd Nov and 30th Nov. (none in October due to Labour weekend, so we will have two in November).

We look forward to another year of hard work and hot soup, new friendships and laughs, and look forward to seeing you at our next workday…and bring a friend.

Jun 22 2013

Life Membership Awards & HSIS 10 Year Anniversary

Barry+LynnKia ora koutou

Our AGM was held on the Tuesday 18th June and despite the rain we had a very pleasing turnout.  This year’s AGM marked a milestone for HSIS as we celebrate out 10 year anniversary and the awarding of our very first Life Membership Award.  This was awarded to Barry and Lyn Menzies, and I quote from our Presidents report:

“who have again behind the scenes in their own time, and at workdays, done more than anyone else to make the Reserve a pleasure for all visitors to enjoy. The Mower Man and Lynn are deserving of all the positive comments made by visitors”.

 Congratulation Barry and Lyn, you two deserve to receive this award and I personally have enjoyed working with you both and look forward to many more workdays together.

Our 10 year anniversary was also celebrated at the AGM by the presentation and cutting of a cake by our founding members Jerry and Cherry Douglas who were instrumental in the formation of HSIS in 2003.  They have also unselfishly contributed and dedicated many hours to HSIS and many a BBQ Lunch has been held at the ‘Douglas Castle’ and we look forward to many more.   Jerry has stepped down this year from our committee due to work commitments and we thank him sincerely for his outstanding service. He will continue to support the Committee and our workdays.

Jun 09 2013


The HSIS AGM will be held on June 18th, 7.30 pm at the Hamurana Golf Club Rooms.
Nominations for the Committee to be received no later than 11th June to the Secretary along with any items for business.
Nominees for Officers and Committee must be paid up members of HSIS and has to have at least one nomination from a member.
A light supper will follow; a plate towards this would be greatly appreciated.
For any further details contact John Rainbow (President).

Jun 05 2013

New Photo Page

For those who haven’t noticed yet: I have re-arranged a few things within the menu and new is a page with photos of our beloved reserve, to make this website more attractive for potential visitors;-)
It’s just a start.. more will follow as soon as I can find the time for it.
This is the direct link to the photo page

Herma Snel

Apr 14 2013

Fantail Monitoring

FantailThe results of our fantail monitoring show we started the season with 14 pairs and one single. Six months later after a long dry summer we had 15 pairs and 3 singles. The slight increase suggests that at least a few pairs successfully fledged young during the season.

Fantail monitoring is another method of checking how good our trapping effort is, technically referred to as non-target impact monitoring.
This first seasons data sets a benchmark from which future comparisons can be made, and the longer we do this the more value the data has.
To explain, as a benchmark we don’t yet know whether the variation between spring and autumn is “normal” or whether 14 pairs is “typical” density for the springs area, but once we’ve counted at the same time of year for a few years then we’ll start to see trends and hopefully we’ll see an increase as we reduce the numbers of predators.
At minimum, this seasons data shows that we have at least maintained the status quo, if not enabled some successful breeding to take place. However, fantail numbers can fluctuate considerably from year to year depending on how severe the winter is. Young birds often succumb to the cold, so the number of pairs present at the start of next season (September 2013) should really tell us something.
Keep up the great work! - Kerry

Apr 11 2013

Tourgroup planted Traveller’s Trees

On 10th April our 6th group of American tourists visited our lovely springs late on Wednesday afternoon.
They planted two ‘toothed lancewoods’ as a group.


Yet again, Josh their tour guide is very supportive of our Society and continues to bring guests to our area away from the normal commercial areas to give them a taste of local activities.
Thanks to various members who hosted, walked, talked and enjoyed their company. GPS co-ords will be forwarded to the visitors via email once recorded by the mapping team.


Regards - Kerry

Mar 07 2013

Traveller’s Trees Update

On 3rd Feb our 5th group of American tourists visited our lovely springs late on Sunday afternoon.


They planted two trees as shown in the photos

Yet again, Josh their tour guide is very supportive of our Society and continues to bring guests to our area away from the normal commercial areas to give them a taste of local activities.
Thanks to various members who arrived to walk, talk and enjoy their company and partake of a light afternoon tea.
GPS co-ordinates:
Girl’s Tree No 701 Lat. South 38.030553; Long East 176.256196;
Men’s Tree No 147 Lat South 38.030450; Long East 176.256123.


Feb 18 2013

Movie: Drift Dive in our River

Found on the internet by Lorraine:

Dec 13 2012

What once Was…

Not long ago Jerry and I spoke about his fantastic old postcards that he was so kind to share with all of us on this website. I told him I have been taking photos of our beloved reserve since Henny and I arrived in New Zealand nine years ago.
A number of them show “what once was” and have been removed or replaced since, such as the old carpark, old bridges, information boards and of course the old main spring platforms.
He then suggested to sort them out and encouraged me to publish them under the History button also. So that’s what I did.
Herma Snel

Click the image and surf directly to the page….

Dec 06 2012

4th visit American Tourists

Sunday Dec. 2nd at 9 am was our 4th visit by American tourists.
Tour guide Josh Riddell enjoys bringing his tour groups to the Springs Reserve, where they are met by HSIS volunteers. They love the walk up through the Redwoods to the Hangarua Spring platforms, before being treated to morning or afternoon tea while planting 2 native trees donated by Josh.
So this is a unique experience for the tourists who actually get to meet some local Kiwis. They also make contributions to the HSIS. On this occasion six of the visitors paid a sub. and joined the Society as International Members.

Lady’s Tree

Men’s Tree

Morning Tea

The next visit will be in Feb. 2013.

Nov 21 2012

This Saturday 24th.Nov.

Good afternoon everyone, this Saturday is our last scheduled workday for the year.
We will be concentrating on more of a clean up day, especially after the contractors doing the tree clearing have made a bit of a mess over the main bridge.
Some weed eating, two machines will be available that belong to the Society, some weed spraying (under supervision of a ticketed operator), some mowing. We will not have a fire this time, but will leave until our February work day.

Meet and greet in the carpark at 9.30am, H & S talk, go to preferred task areas and finally relax over a wonderful leisurely lunch afterwards at the usual venue at say 12.30 onwards. Bring your preferred tipple (drink), and any contributions towards lunch in the form of a salad and/or sweet would be gratefully appreciated. Any indication of numbers for lunch would be appreciated, but not critical.
We hope you can find the time to join us and reflect on what great things we have achieved over the past 10 months.

As always in the first instance contact John 3322767 or myself 3322474 should you need to discuss any aspect of the days planned activities

And finally the Hamurana Play centre spring fair is on Sunday 25th 10.00am – 2pm in the lakefront area across from the Golf club. Come along and support them.

Cherry Douglas

Nov 11 2012

Tourgroup Visiting and Planting

‘On a stunning, late-Spring afternoon on Sat. Nov. 10th., members of the Society hosted the 3rd. group of American tourists to visit the Springs, thanks to the wonderful support of their tour leader Josh Riddell.
Josh has been bringing American tourists to the Reserve for a while, but it was early this year that he conceived the idea that the tourists might enjoy planting a couple of trees in the Reserve to mark their visit, at the same time meeting and being guided by a few locals. Who better than the HSIS to make this happen ?

Josh very generously pays for the trees himself and he informs the group that if any of them wish to make a donation to the Society during their visit, it would be welcomed.
The weather was brilliant when 15 visitors plus Josh were met in the Carpark by John Rainbow, Cherry Douglas, Barry and Lyn Menzies and Sally French, plus dogs.
After a brief introduction by John, to the Reserve and it’s history, the tourists were led up through the Redwoods to the viewing platforms, before heading to the Traveller’s Trees area to plant a Kahikitea and a Putaputaweta, purchased from Treeline Nurseries, Kaharoa.

Jerry Douglas then presided over a superb afternoon tea, including some great baking by Lynn and Sally and Cherry ! They returned to the Carpark via the Ynys Fraser Walkway, sun still shining, after a very convivial 2 hours at the Reserve.

Next group due in about 3 weeks, then a break through to Feb. 2013.
John Rainbow,
President HSIS
(Click the top left thumbnail to view all photos)

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