Apr 26 2012

Seats now engraved

Mar 10 2012

American Tourists plant Travellers Trees

We had a group of American tourists at the springs this morning and they planted a Totara and a Pohutukawa in the Travellers Trees area.

Complete Photo Series under Travellers Trees!

Mar 02 2012

Request to All

from Jerry Douglas:

Has anyone got any memorabilia of or about the Hamurana Springs that could be donated to our Society?
If so please contact me at email:


Dec 31 2011

Photo Gift

The HSIS Committee wanted to give a Christmas present to our much loved and generous Patron, Ynys Fraser. It was decided that a group photo, enlarged, mounted, inscribed and framed would be a gift that would be appreciated and cherished by Ynys.
The group photo was taken at the Douglas’s after our final workday of the year on Dec. 3rd., and Melanie Reid handled all the detail from there. She even typed a full list of those in the photo to place on the back of the frame.
Jerry and Cherry Douglas and our President John Rainbow delivered the gift to Ynys on Dec. 23rd. She was delighted with the thought, and Jerry took some great photos to mark the occasion:

Dec 14 2011

Our Sign is Back!

Many thanks to all at DOC, it is wonderful to see this new sign at the start of the Ynys Fraser Walkway back up in time for all the holiday visitors. Looks great.
John Rainbow,


Dec 06 2011

Another Table ;-)

Hadn’t noticed Jerry’s huge picnic table yet, as it was raining very hard last time.
It was still raining this morning but the sight of this beauty was worth getting wet.

Click the thumbnails to enlarge and view the photos in a lightbox

Dec 05 2011

Seats and Tables !

Visitors to the Reserve will now notice the installation of several seats and 2 picnic tables + seats, scattered at strategic viewing points on or near the Main Track through the Redwoods and on the Ynys Fraser Walkway.

They have been beautifully built from the sawn Redwood timber allocated to the Society after trees were felled near the entrance to the Reserve before the new car park was built.
Two of our members, Paul Sampson and Jerry Douglas, have put in many hours of their own time to build the new ‘furniture’. As a consequence of their efforts, visitors will now be able to sit down or picnic in comfort in the beautiful surroundings.
The bench seats and tables just look stunning in that amazing environment and many visitors have already put them to use and made very positive comments.
They will be much photographed as they look great when dry and even better when wet with the layer of water resembling a very glossy varnish.

Dec 05 2011

Letter of Support from DOC

Nov 09 2011

Travellers’ Trees planted

As mentioned in the former post last Saturday HSIS volunteers
have planted new travellers’ trees:

Trees waiting to be planted

Kahikatea (New Zealand's tallest native tree)

Water from the main spring!

Pohutukawa (also called New Zealand's XMas Tree)

Kowhai (Tui birds love the flowers!)

Read all about the Tavellers’ Trees project on this page

Sep 26 2011

Predator Control

Members of the Society are now actively involved in a Predator Control Programme in the Reserve.

Information can be found under the “Predator Control” button in the navigation bar.

Sep 18 2011

Living Legends 2

Another report, this time from Lorraine:

Well Jim Hickey was spot on and it was a very wet day and our accommodations left us a little damp and weather beaten. Although the day was not all what we hoped for, weather wise, we all made the best of a bad situation.
There was a good turnout of volunteers for the planting with a good 100 or so turning up and braving the weather. We got to meet the new “Milky Bar Kid” Hinetaapora Short, Todd McClay stopped for a quick photo shoot and Hiki Reid was great, we even sang happy birthday to Stephen, much to his embarrassment.
So here are a few photos of our day

Sep 16 2011

Living Legends 1

The Living Legends planting day was held on Sunday the 11th September,
as part of both the Rugby World Cup, and in our case, Conservation week.

Our Patron Ynys Fraser was kept warm by René:

The” living legends ” are all ex All Blacks, and our living legend was Hika Reid

Hika Reid

The Department of Conservation supplied 2500 plants for the day which unfortunately weather wise was most unpleasant with strong winds and heavy downpours.

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