Jul 27 2012

Workday this Saturday

(by Cherry Douglas)

This Sat is our scheduled winter workday again. Usual meet at the carpark for our allocated tasks for the day and our Health & Safety chat.
We will be continuing clearing the tributary stream banks – this should be our final one in this area. As we don’t have any dry piles to burn we will stockpile the greenery for next month.
Kemps will be trap checking as this is their only day free, and Kerry will be re-settling in some of the new traps.
Do we have any persons who can come along on Sat that are chainsaw ticketed, apart from Ollie? Please let us know.

We will finish with a light lunch of soup, bread, buns etc but this will back at Douglas’ as there will be no fires to watch over. It is my turn to make the soup and I find it is easier to do it at home as I use a slow cooker not a pot.

Weather report looks good, but if in doubt ring John 3322767, or Cherry 3322474.
If by some chance it is raining, it will be cancelled until the following month scheduled for 25th August.
And finally, may I please impress on those that haven’t already done so, your annual subs are due now. $20
Many thanks as always

Jul 02 2012

Predator Control

(by Kerry Oates)

During the June 2012 workday a small group replaced all the existing traps with new double set DOC200 and single set DOC250 traps. This increases our ability to catch stoats and allows us to target ferrets, something that our previous traps could not achieve. We will be watching with interest over the next few months to see the benefits of this new trapping regime.

Click “Predator Control” and/or “Trap Results” in the navigation bar for more information and the latest results.

Jun 28 2012

New Committee Elected

On the night of the AGM of the Society on 19th June 2012 the following people were elected to the committee.

John Rainbow – President
Kerry Oates – Vice President
Cherry Douglas – Treasurer
Sally French – Secretary

Jerry Douglas
Paul Sampson
Jim & Diana Hay
Lorraine & Stephen Parker
Ollie Kemp
Ed van den Broek
John Norton

May I please remind everyone that if you haven’t already paid, your subs are due - $20.00 per family, please send to me at 53 Kaska Rd, RD7,Rotorua 3097 or I can give you our KiwiBank account number if that is easier.
Thanking you all for your continued support.

And finally keep an eye on this website www.hamurana-springs.co.nz
We are continually updating this website with photos, messages, news etc.
This will keep you all up to speed with how we are progressing if you have been unable to get there yourselves.

Jun 28 2012

President’s Report 2011-2012

This Society of willing volunteers continues to live the dream of helping to restore the Hamurana Springs Recreation Reserve to a very special and unique place on our planet, for the pleasure and enjoyment of locals and visitors from all over the world.  Positive feedback by way of verbal comments and thanks from visitors, plus increasing hits to our fantastic website, not only buoys our spirits but also indicates to us that we are on the right track and that our efforts are appreciated.

Before highlighting good progress on a number of fronts, I would like to acknowledge on your behalf  some special contributors to our progress and success over the last year.

  • Our much respected, loved and generous Patron, Ynys Fraser, who inspires us and who has donated both time and money toward the History Book project. Thank you Ynys, in our books you are our own Queen Elizabeth !
  • Your Committee, generous with their time and wise as well. Both Bruce Meikle and John Reid are sadly standing down for work reasons. Bruce has been our Secretary for as long as I remember, his contribution to the Society therefore, has been fantastic. John has been Vice President this year, and developed from scratch a detailed Health and Safety process and paperwork, to help protect over-zealous and aging volunteers from bodily harm. He and Mel were also instrumental in the design, print and circulation of a new flyer to help drum up new members. Thank you both, you will be missed around the Committee table.
  • Jerry and Cherry Douglas. No one does more for HSIS. Cherry has been Treasurer for at least the last 6 years.  Jerry works to keep us on the straight and narrow, succinctly. He built the most solid picnic table ever built, now gracing the Ynys Fraser Walkway. The Douglas’s host all Committee meetings and all work-day lunches. More behind the scenes, very generous with vehicles and equipment. HSIS icons, thank you both.
  • Paul Sampson, Engineer and Builder, who constructed and installed most of the Seats and Tables, now emblazoned with the HSIS brand, throughout the central portion of the Reserve. Paul, for the hours and hours of work, thank you, for a sensational enhancement  to the visitor experience.
  • Barry and Lyn Menzies, almost full-time workers in the Reserve. Without them the planted areas would have been swallowed up by weeds and not look like a park. The Mower Man and Lyn are very special people. Barry turned 75 in May and we implore him to take it easy. The Committee would like to reimburse some of your costs tonight, thanking you both for what you do.
  • Herma Snel, our amazing Webmaster. Herma has put the Society, the Springs and the Golf Club on the international cyberspace map. It is a fantastic website. Herma,  we are indebted to you.
  • The Hamurana Golf Club, for funding the website hosting and associated costs, also for the use of these Clubrooms for the AGM.
  • Kerry Oates, for designing and managing the Pest Control initiative, one of the most productive projects we have embarked on, as you will see in Kerry’s presentation. Also, Alice West and all the volunteer trap checkers, who all donate their precious spare time.
  • The staff at DOC Rotorua office for being great people, supporting and understanding HSIS and very generous in regard to plants and weed control materials. Especially Shane Grayling, Paul Cashmore, Nicki Douglas, Simon Alefosio-Tuck, John Tupara.
  • Hi Flo Pumps for the donation to the Society of fire fighting plant and equipment, which has allowed us to make headway at last against piles of cleared weeds.
  • Christine Findon of Keep Rotorua Beautiful and the team from the Novotel who weeded the new planting between the road and the golf course, plus tidied the car park and the Bioswale. They also donated 8 sizeable Kowhai trees, now planted in a grove beside the Ynys Fraser Walkway.

I am bound to have overlooked someone, if so, I apologise and say thank you to you too !

As you can see from the above, we are not alone in our Restoration efforts, in a year of many more highlights than lows. The highlights include :

  • The History of the Hamurana Springs Reserve book project, funded by HSIS, Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust and our Patron. More about this from author Deb Burton shortly.
  • The Pest Control initiative, to help eradicate the Reserve of Mustelids and thus help restore the birdlife population. More great news from Kerry shortly.
  • Ongoing clearance and weed control, with a focus on Willows, Blackberry, Robinia, etc. and the opening up of the true left bank of the tributary stream next to the Concession area.
  • The donation from DOC of 650 native plants to the value of $2200, to be planted in the Spring in Areas U and P, to further enhance the Ynys Fraser Walkway surroundings.
  • The decision by the Committee to work through the winter months [the only break now being in Dec./Jan.], fortified by soup, buns and mulled wine afterwards.
  • The HSIS Annual Work Plan, which drives our works programme, reviewed and ratified [except for major development projects] by both DOC and Ngati Rangiwewehi.
  • Already mentioned, the construction and installation of many Redwood timber Seats and Tables, placed at strategic spots along the walkways. We now have the Sampson Redwood furniture, plus the Douglas table.
  • The Traveller’s Trees area near the Head Spring, continues to grow, up and out. A group of American tourists plus tour guide donated 2 Pohutukawa trees, which they planted during a weekend visit. They were welcomed and given morning tea. This area is in the process of being GPS mapped and labelled for posterity, so that future generations will be able to see their family’s donated tree.
  • The installation [not by HSIS] of the aesthetically-pleasing new weir, on the tributary stream which flows under the first footbridge, to protect precious Koaro upstream from the trout below.
  • Last but by no means least, better communication and a developing dialogue through Kahuariki, the CEO of Ngati Rangiwewehi, who has graciously stepped up to the plate to speak to us tonight. It is fair to say that your Committee has for quite some time been very concerned about the lack of a regular dialogue with the Iwi, whose understandable priority has been negotiating with the Crown. We have boxed on regardless, while looking forward to the day when we work together as partners in the restoration and development of a place we both love and respect.

We have had but a few disappointments to face during the year.

  • Instances of vandalism, especially to the signs in the Reserve, and litter.
  • Ongoing diving for loose change at the main spring, which really upsets visitors.
  • New members certainly don’t grow on trees. Our investment in a new flyer and distribution locally has produced 2 new members/families, a very bitter pill to swallow, very low return on the investment.

NEVER MIND. The fact is that the Committee and the volunteers who turn up regularly at the Work Days believe that the HSIS is in a good space currently, with some very worthwhile projects underway and soon to be reaping rewards for the visitor experience. It is vitally important that the Reserve is being talked about, positively, that visitors notice a difference. Memories are long and the Society has had a mountain to climb to help restore the Reserve to the international attraction it used to be.

As for the next 12 months, it is paramount that the Society is in a closer working relationship with Ngati Rangiwewehi, who are, once again, becoming the owners and guardians of this beautiful place. The neat thing is that we have, very likely, some common aspirations. If that is the case, the HSIS has little to fear, for only passion and hard work, together, will make the Hamurana Springs world famous again.

John Rainbow,
Hamurana Springs Incorporated Society,
June 2012.

Jun 23 2012

Workday 23 June

Luckily the weather was kind to us today.
We had soup and buns along with mulled wine for lunch as we kept the fire going much longer.
Jerry Douglas

May 23 2012

Coming Workday 26 May

This Saturday is our scheduled work day again.
Usual meet in the car park at 9.30, for H & S talk and find out our allocated tasks for the day. Bring gloves, your favourite garden tool, chainsaw, loppers etc whatever you feel comfortable with.
We are waiting on fire permit for a new dedicated area, not sure if this will be available on time, but there is plenty of other stuff to do. More unwanted plants have been identified, so we will be targeting these this time.
As always, lunch at the normal venue, bring BYO drink, and anything else you feel like – we supply the usual meat, breads etc.
If unsure of anything you can always ring John 3322767 or myself 3322474 at night
Look forward to seeing you there,
Cherry Douglas

May 16 2012

The Mower Man, a Legend in the Making?

(from Jerry Douglas)

Last night Cherry and I joined a small group from HSIS and friends and family to celebrate the actual 75th birthday of Bazza ( Barry Menzies) .
Bazza is the main stalwart at the springs who mows the grass in the Ynys Fraser and Travellers trees areas. To mark the occasion Cherry made up a cross stitch picture and I penned a poem to accompany it.

May 07 2012

New History Page

From today we’re having a new page in the navigation bar.
Jerry is collecting beautiful old postcards and wants to share them with our visitors.

May 03 2012

Trout Barrier Weir

(from Kerry)

Koaro are one of our native Galaxid freshwater fish species, often called kokopu.
They are able climbers and are one the many whitebait species. They are heavily predated by trout and were once abundant in Lake Rotorua, now only surviving in smaller tributaries away from trout.
DOC are trying to protect a small breeding population in the tributary stream by excluding trout from part of the stream, hence the trout barrier weir. Now that the weir has been installed, DOC will attempt to catch all trout upstream of the weir by “electro-fishing”. E.g. wading the stream with an electric wand and zapping the water periodically which stuns all fish temporarily, they then net the trout and move them down below the weir. Trout cant climb up over the dam, but koaro can if they need to.

The distinctive feature is the dorsal fin,
right at the back near the tail,
and the tail is small and stunted

(From Herma)
Tuesday afternoon we were walking in Hamurana Springs with our grandson and spotted what looked like a small waterfall. Since Kerry’s explanation we know it’s the trout barrier weir. Just a coincidence I had my camera with me;-)

Apr 26 2012

Seats now engraved

Apr 19 2012

Workday this Saturday

(by Cherry Douglas)

This Saturday 21st is our next scheduled work day – 9.30am meet in carpark for normal registration and Health & Safety talk.

Tasks – continuance from last month clearing the tributary up from first foot bridge, weed spraying, weed eating and mowing Ynys Fraser Walkway – so bring your usual favourite weed busting tool, hat, gloves, etc.
Unfortunately there probably will be no fires this time until we sort out an issue with DoC unless it can be resolved before Saturday. We have no trees to plant at this time.

Lunch as usual afterwards. BYO drink and a salad and/or sweeties towards lunch is always appreciated. We thank you all for your continued support.

See you there, weather is looking good – but if in doubt as always ring John 3322767 or Cherry 3322474 by 9am

Mar 28 2012

Workday 24 March 2012

(by Jerry Douglas)
Our last workday saw a big and unsightly pile of branches etc. (just over the main footbridge), burnt in a controlled burn -off.
We had on hand as a precaution a brand new Oloe-Mac fire pump ( donated to our Society), to use to douse the fire at the end of our work session.
Also the Bioswale was weeded for the first time since it was put in and although this is not in the area we normally look after we felt it needed to be done.

Lastly an area along the tributary stream was cleared and an old pool/pond type in ground area was uncovered, we will hopefully find out what it was for.

Photo Impression HERE

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